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Behind the Mic: OSHA’s Perspective on Crane Operator Certification for Knucklebooms

From all appearances, what OSHA is saying is they are not going to cite the operator of an knuckleboom crane “at this time” for not having a crane operator certificate. Does that matter?

What are the technical requirements for operating these pieces of equipment on today’s foundation job sites?  What’s important to understand is that OSHA did not say they are exempting you at this time. What are the conditions need to be met and how important is it for them to be met today? As an owner, how are you prepared?  How will you adapt?  Can you turn this into a positive advantage for you?  What can it mean for the future of your key personnel?

These are the questions that many foundation company leaders, one of the largest employers for the use of articulating or knuckleboom cranes are asking.  Is this an opportunity to increase safety by limiting liability?  Jay Sturm, founder of Cranes 101 and a member of ASME B30.5 and B30.22 committees has more than 30 years experience in training and certifying crane operators.  His wealth of experience and understanding bring this presentation as food for thought rather than mandatory compliance.  We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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